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March 26 2017

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March 22 2017

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Oksana Bondareva

March 20 2017

Wtf? "Engentado" does not have a romantic or nostalgic meaning... It is more of a common word. In Mexico we say "Aperrado" or "Hasta su madre", to address the same adjective, as a despective way to say some place is packed with people. "El antro está engentado / aperrado / hasta el culo / hasta su madre" "The club is packed / full of people" Yet, if you wanna say you feel "engentado" or tired of people, it is usually because you wanna get out of a place... because you are "hasta la madre". Spanish is friggin' awesome ♥️
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Carsten Nicolai
formula gauss 2, 2016

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March 19 2017

March 18 2017

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Boris Ivanovich Kopylov

“Old woman reading”

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March 17 2017

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March 16 2017

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March 15 2017

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Henri Matisse working on The Dance (1910)

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Emil Nolde (German, 1867-1956), Bauernhof unter Gewitterwolken [Farm with storm clouds], c.1935. Watercolour, 30.3 x 45.8 cm.

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March 12 2017

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Carnations, Cy Twombly (1989)

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March 11 2017

March 10 2017

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March 09 2017

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Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes

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March 08 2017

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Alexandra Levasseur (Canadian, b. 1982, Shawinigan, Qc, Canada) - L'eau Initiale, 2016  Acrylics, Pencils on Wood

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on a saturday. 

nashville, tennessee

emily blincoe

february 2017

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